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Live Scan FAQ

What is Live Scan?

Live Scan fingerprinting is the technique and technology used to capture fingerprints electronically. It replaces the more traditional method of ink and paper. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a criminal record check. A response is sent to the agency requesting the Live Scan. If required the DOJ forwards the Live Scan fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Through Live Scan fingerprinting background clearances can be processed within a few days instead of weeks it requires for traditional fingerprinting.

Live Scan fingerprinting is used to reveal criminal history information for identification, employment and licensing purposes by matching fingerprints and other identifying information to existing data files for an individual.

How does the process work?

The agency or employer requesting the Live Scan fingerprint will provide the applicant with the Request for Live Scan Form. At the Live Scan location a trained and certified technician will scan your fingerprints with a Live Scan fingerprint scanner. The scanning process takes around 5 to 10 minutes. Immediately following the fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for background processing. All appropriate fees will be collected from the applicant by the technician.

Who Needs Live Scan?

Anyone applying for the first time to be licensed as a vehicle salesperson, dealer, driving instructor, manufacturer, transporter, dismantler, registration service, distributor, lessor-retailer, remanufacturer, or any other vehicle industry relating to an occupational license issued by DMV will be Live Scan fingerprinted. It also applies to first time applicants for an ambulance driver certificate. The following are some other professions that are required to submit Live Scan fingerprints: Notaries, Real Estate Licensees, Stock Brokers, Lawyers, Teachers, Foster Parents, Care Givers, DMV Licensed Professionals, Security Guards, Surgeons, Nurses, Doctors, Contractors, Appraisers, etc.

What do I need to bring to the scanning session?

Please bring the items listed below to your Live Scan Session:

i. 3 copies of the completed “Request for Live Scan Service” form BCIA 8016. The form is given to the applicant by the agency requesting the Live Scan and must be completed by the agency and applicant. We cannot provide the form or assist in filling it out.

ii. A valid government-issued photo ID > See below ⇩

iii. Payment for the Live Scan service > We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, Amex and Discover

What is a acceptable Identification (ID)?

The identification must contain a photo, physical description, signature, serial number, issue / expiry date, date of birth etc.


I. The applicant must provide 1 of the following Primary ID forms:

>California Driver’s License

>California DMV Identification Card

>Valid out-of-state Driver’s License


II. If the applicant does not have any of the above, the applicant may provide 1 of the following Secondary ID forms, AND provide 2 of the Supplemental Documents below:

Secondary ID forms – 1 required (and 2 Supplemental Documents below)

State Government Issued Certificate of Birth

US Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military Identification Card

US Passport

Federal Government Personal Identify Verification Card

Department of Defense Common Access Card

US Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card

Social Security Card

Court Order for Name Change/Gender Change/Adoptions/Divorce

Marriage Certificate (Government Certificate Issued)

US Government Issued Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Foreign Passport with Appropriate Immigration Document(s)

Certificate of Citizenship (N560)

Certificate of Naturalization (N550)

INS I-551 Resident Alien Card Issued Since 1997

INS I-688 Temporary Resident ID Card

INS I-688B, I-766 Employment Authorization Card


Supplemental Documents – 2 required

Utility Bill (address)

Jurisdictional Voter Registration Card

Vehicle Registration Card/Title

Paycheck Stub with Name/Address

Jurisdictional Public Assistance Card

Spouse/Parent Affidavit

Cancelled Check or Bank Statement

Mortgage Documents

Where Can I Get The Request For Live Scan Service Form?

The agency or employer requesting the Live Scan fingerprint will provide the applicant with the Request for Live Scan form.

As a courtesy to our clients, blank Request for Live Scan Service forms can be downloaded through the following links:

How much does it cost?

The standard fees for Live Scan consist of the rolling fee for the fingerprinting and the background investigation fee. The background investigation fee depends on the level of service and is charged by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Additionally if your requesting agency asked for an FBI background check, an FBI fee will be due.Your total fee will be given to you before your fingerprints are scanned. We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Money Order. A $50 fee will be charged for any payment that is not approved by your credit card company, bank or other obligor.

How long does it take to get my Live Scan results?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) usually processes Live Scan fingerprinting within 72 hours. Delays may occur. For any significant delays the DOJ will contact the requesting agency. The results are either emailed or sent to the requesting agency listed on the Request for Live Scan Service Form. Once the Live Scan process has been completed, please contact the agency handling your employment or licensing with all inquiries.

How do I check my Live Scan results?

You can check your fingerprinting results by calling the Department of Justice’s 24-hour automated telephone service at (916) 227-4557. You will need your birth date and the 10-digit Automated Transaction (ATI) number which is located at the bottom of the Applicant Live Scan Request Form. The ATI number always appears in the following sequence: 1 letter; 3 numbers; 3 letters and 3 numbers.

What are the benefits of Live Scan?

Live Scan will avoid many of the problems associated with ink prints, such as smudging, smearing, and over or under inking. A major benefit of Live Scan is in processing speed since nearly all of those without criminal records are done within 72 hours and up to 30 days if there is a criminal record. Rolled ink prints (traditionally submitted on a fingerprint card) can take 10 to 12 days to process (plus mail time) and up to 60 days if there is a criminal record.

What should the applicant do if DOJ sends DMV a ``delayed`` response?

DMV cannot release a license or permit until the applicant passes a background check from DOJ.

Can my Live Scan results from another agency be used or forwarded to DMV?

No, DMV cannot contact DOJ for a copy of the results sent to another agency, nor can we accept a copy from any other source. DMV must receive a communication directly from DOJ to process the application. In order to receive communications from DOJ, the applicant must report to a Live Scan station with the correct DMV form, DMV 8016, Request for Live Scan Service (See above).

How do I get an ``ORI`` code?

The ORI code is assigned by the DOJ (Department of Justice). In order to get an ORI code the organization/agency has to apply with the DOJ to become an authorized applicant agency.

California law authorizes certain governmental and private organizations to conduct criminal record background checks to help determine the suitability of a person applying for a license, employment or as a volunteer working with children, the elderly or disabled. Law enforcement agencies, public and private schools, non-profit organizations and in-home supportive care agencies are some of the agencies authorized to conduct fingerprint background checks.

Follow the detailed step by step instructions on the DOJ website which explain the complete process an agency needs to follow to get authorization and submit fingerprints. They also have links to the forms that need to be filled out. This process can take six weeks to complete, sometimes longer if FBI approvals are required. You will be notified in writing when you can begin sending applicants to be fingerprinted. You will also receive your ORI code.

I want to hire a nanny to take care of my kids. Can I get him/her fingerprinted?

Please contact Trustline at 1-800-822-8490.  Trustline was created by the California Legislature to offer parents, employment agencies, child care resource
and referral programs, and child care providers access to a background check conducted by the California Department of Social Services.

Live Scan Fees

Our Service Fees

  • Rolling Fee: $25
  • Travel Fee: $20-$40 depending on location

Government Fees (either one or both will apply) (as of May 2017)

  • DOJ (federal CORI) $32
  • FBI (state CORI) $17


Additional Information

  • Additional fees may apply for after hours mobile Live Scan, holidays, and significant travel.
  • We Accept Most Forms of Payment Payment for the Live Scan service in the form of exact cash, cashiers check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card.
  • All rates are subject to change and additional charges may apply depending on the type of application being processed. When making your appointment, you will be advised of the exact cost prior to being fingerprinted.
  • Resubmission – Re-do for rejected prints; no charge if original Live Scan was processed by us.
  • At the top of your Request for Live Scan Service form issued to you by your employer or referring agency, there is an ORI Code. The ORI Code will determine the level(s) of Service you will require for your license or position.
  • Please contact us today for a quote, help@anshinotarycom, or 1-424-253-8149
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting fees may vary per applicant’s Requesting Agency, Government entity and/or other level of service requested.
  • The rolling fee covers the Live Scan Provider’s cost for performing the electronic fingerprinting task.
  • Non-profit and large group discounts available.
  • Contact us to set up an escrow (draw down) accounts. All fees are subject to change without notice and the rolling fees may also vary by location.
  • Current and all other Government Applicant Fee Rates can be found on the California Attorney General’s website here. (Department of Justice Live Scan Fingerprint Processing Fees) *Fees subject to change

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